Unhelpful Thought Records

An Unhelpful Thought Record is a CBT tool used to help break down a problem to find it's cause, identify any unhelpful thought processes that may be contributing to it, and challenge these thoughts in order to find a more balanced way of viewing the situation. Please be aware that life is complex and not every problem has a solution, but the CBT process will at least provide a balanced, rational perspective which can improve the way we feel about it. It is often not the problem itself that causes us grief, but our attitude towards it.

The idea is that through regular practice these questioning and reasoning techniques become automatic habit, leading to us adopt a more balanced way of thinking. It is human nature to fall back into these patterns of unhelpful thinking from time to time however, particularly during times of stress. If you find this is the case don’t be hard on yourself, it is completely normal, just refresh your skills and get back into practice. After all, this likely means that life has been going so well that you have not need to use your CBT skills for some time!

There are several unhelpful thought record options available, listed on the right. It is recommended that you begin with the detailed version in order to initially learn the required skills, then when you are more familiar with the process use the concise version below it.