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Confidentiality when engaging with this site

The same rules of confidentiality apply here as they would in any therapeutic situation, that is, any information exchanged is confidential, however there are several exceptions. Please note that breaches of confidentiality occur infrequently and even then it is only directly relevant information that is shared.

Confidentiality may be broken in the following situations:

    • There is a valid and agreed upon reason to share confidential information with another person for the purpose of enhancing the therapeutic experience, for example, a GP, a partner or a support person. In this case the information to be shared is discussed and the client gives permission.
    •  There is reason to believe the client may harm themselves. Please note here that suicidal thoughts are not uncommon and you should not hesitate to discuss them with a therapist. There is a significant difference between suicidal thoughts and suicidal intent and healthcare professionals are trained in this area.
    • There is a reason to believe that the client may harm someone else.
    • Information is summonsed by a legal authority.

Please note, if you are under 14 you require the permission of an adult before engaging with a therapist.